Quock Associates, LLC, with offices at 265 Franklin Street, Boston, is a privately-held construction management, real estate development/investment firm that specializes in the transformation of distressed real estate assets into high impact, high visibility properties.  In so doing, Quock Associates, LLC hopes to influence and advance social enrichment in those communities where it operates.

Founded in 2007, Quock Associates, LLC has been involved in the renovation of over 900 residential units, including large-scale commercial projects. With deep experience managing the construction and renovation of properties, we also recognize the inherent obligation for maintenance and ongoing management that comes with real estate ownership. Through our Property Management Division we optimize ongoing productivity for our clients by providing property management and back office services.

Quock Associates, LLC is expanding into the institutional market, and has successfully completed the Massachusetts Official Public Purchasing Program. The firm is now certified to serve as The Owner’s Project Manager* in the design and construction of K1-12 schools, and other municipal projects throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In this expanded management role as OPM, Quock Associates, LLC will coordinate the merger of architectural, engineering, commissioning, and other disciplines to better navigate the design and construction processes to improve overall project efficiencies.

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